Secondary School for Science & Technology (Maadi, Egypt)
These schools (Egyptian STEM Model Schools) will serve as centers of excellence,
contribute to workforce development, and allow enrollment to a range of gifted students
regardless of their social, or economic background. Maadi STEM School is a comprehensive three-year public high school enrolling 360 students in grades 9–12. The school opened in the fall of 2012 and graduated its first senior class in
the summer of 2015. Maadi STEM School is accredited by the ministry of education and
ministry of higher education.


The Egyptian STEM School for Girls in Maadi, Cairo seeks to create independent learners equipped with the 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity through project based learning approach. Through this approach our students are equipped with the skills needed to address the grand challenges that face Egypt.


Our Mission is to create the 21st century citizens who are:

·        Problem-solvers

·        Innovators

·        Inventors

·        Self-reliant

·        Logical thinker

·        Technologically literate

ISEF 2015


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